Abstracts must meet the following characteristics:
The title must be written in English (centered and in bold), and its respective translation into
Spanish or Portuguese ismandatory (depending on the native language in which the abstract is
written). It should not include abbreviations. It must not exceed 15 words and should
accurately reflect the document’s content. When scientific names of plant or animal species are
included, these must be written in lowercase italics; only the first letter of the genus and the
classifier in capital letters.
The names and surnames of authors are written (without academic or job titles) in a horizontal
line and according to their contribution to the research or preparation of the abstract,or both.
Semicolons must separate the names of the authors. The name of the speaker must be underlined andin bold. Names must be centered andin the following order: first name, middle initial,
and full surnames (without punctuation marks between them) followed by a number (in superscript, italics, and bold) indicating the author’s filiation.
The filiation of each author is placed under the line of authors, justified, and with the number
corresponding to each author in superscript. The aliation includes the institution to which the
author is filiated and the ORCID number and link of the author (mandatory).

Note: The institution’s names must be in the original language of the country to which the institution belongs; it must not be translated into English (e.g., Universidad Nacional de Colombia).

Corresponding author:
The corresponding author must be referenced with an asterisk and placed under the aliation, including an email address.

The summary should not exceed 350 words in a single paragraph. It can be written in Spanish, Portuguese, or English. It should briefly include the following subtitles: Introduction, Justification, Objectives, Methods, Results/Discussion, and Conclusion in the language in which the abstract is written. The COPACO-2024 proceedings will be published in the Journal of the National Faculty of Agronomy (Online ISSN: 2248-7026; Print ISSN: 0304-2847), a scientific ublication of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the National University of Colombia, Medellín campus, currently classified as Q3 (Scimago). Therefore, if the authors wish to have their abstract published in the event proceedings, they must ensure that it is accompanied by its English translation and,in turn, that this translation is a faithful reproduction of the abstract in Spanish or Portuguese.

Keywords must be written in lowercase and separated by commas. These must be dierent from those used in the title, and a maximum of six should be included. Only single words are accepted as keywords. They must be written in the original language of the abstract and their translation into English is mandatory. They must be arranged alphabetically. 

The abstract must be written in Microsoft Word 2007 format or a later version; letter paper size, with margins of 3 cm at the top, 2 cm at the bottom, and 2.5 cm on the right and left side margins; the letter type or font should be Times New Roman, 12 points, and single line spacing



The academic committee of the event will evaluate the works submitted, and those that meet
the quality criteria of the Congress will be presented orally (10 minutes of presentation and2
min of questions) or as a poster. Only finalized works will be accepted (revisions or ongoing
projects are not accepted) and must be framed in one of the following modules and thematic
axes proposed below, which must be mentioned at the end of the body of the abstract.


Thematic axes:

For each module, the authors of the works presented must choose one of the following animal
production areas:
Illustrative example:
Illustrative model to submit the summary evaluation for II COPACO 2024 congress


The proceedings of the event will contain the abstracts of the keynote presentations and all presentations accepted by the academic committee evaluators. The abstracts submitted will be reviewed by peer reviewers and will be accepted if they comply with the requested style standards and the suggestions and corrections requested by them. If an abstract is not accepted after its evaluation, it will be due to the authors’ refusal to make the considerations made by the evaluators without presenting any valid academic justification for the disapproval. The works submitted and accepted must be paid no later than April 12th, 2024, to guarantee the final acceptance of the work and the publication of the abstract in the memories of the event.

The memories will be published in Revista de la Facultad Nacional de Agronomía (ISSN Online: 2248-7026. Printed ISSN: 0304-2847), a scientific publication belonging to Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias of Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín, currently in Category Q3 (Scimago). The memoirs will be delivered to the speakers and attendees at COPACO UNAL-2024 electronically in September 2024, i.e., the publication date of the third volume of that year.


* Abstract not paid on this date, will not appear in the conference proceedings


The cost is for each abstract accepted for oral presentation/poster.
* Speakers will have the right to attend the three days of the event. Researchers who register for two presentations will have a 10% discount on the total cost to be paid,andif they register for three or more presentations, they will have a 15% discount on the total cost to be paid.
** Attendees 3 days who register until June 10th,2024,in a group of 5 persons, will have a 10%
discount. If the group includes 10 persons or more, they will have a 15% discount.
For more information or any concern, please contact:



Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias
Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellín


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